If you wanted to sell your house fast, could you do it?

Banks are overcautious and decide things too slow. 

If your buyer has to get a bank involved to loan money, there are often several weeks of verification, checking, inspections, underwriting, and maybe Just MAYBE you’ll get your house sold.

If it’s an ugly house, forget the bank.

If you are in a hurry

  • to get rid of an unwanted house
  • to cash out an inherited property
  • to avoid a foreclosure
  • to get cash for your house

you will likely to sell to an investor. 

In today’s real estate market, it’s almost impossible to sell your house fast to anyone but an investor who can

  • Pay cash for your house or
  • Take over the payments on your existing mortgage.

Don’t know How to Sell YOUR House Fast?

Which way to sell my house fast

But this process comes with fears. 

Many of my customers have never dealt with an investor before.  They fear

  • Being taken advantage of.
  • Things going wrong with the process.
  • Not getting a fair price.
  • Not knowing what to do, or how to sell their house.
  • Being stuck with their house problems.

The best way to deal with that fear is knowledge.

One conversation with Chris will help you get that knowledge. 

We’ll talk about your situation, and discuss possible solutions.

If we talk for a while and it’s clear I am not the right buyer for your house, I’ll tell you so.

Sell your House Fast to Us.

To find out what your options are:

Whatever your reason, we may have a solution to help you.  We don’t have a fixed program, but a wide variety of solutions to sell your house fast.  Give us a call and we can talk.