About Us

I’m Chris Walker, owner of SDP Partners LLC, a Richmond Virginia company that buys and sells distressed houses fast around the nation.

Unlike other fast home buyer websites, I actually tell you my name — I’m the owner.

My direct telephone line is 804/719-1489.

Our company has quickly solved house problems in the Richmond Metro Area since early 2003.  

We’ve developed a growing network of investors around the United States that help us solve the problem that cause you to want to sell your house fast.

We have considerable expertise in the purchase and acquisition of discounted property.

We’ve had experience in solving complicated title cases, from lost heirs to title fraud.

If you’ve got the patience, we’ll try to help you solve your title cases so that you can provide clean title to help you sell your house. 

In that case, it won’t be fast. Trust me.

In all we do, you will be treated with integrity and professional courtesy, since our livelihood depends on it.

Wewill do our best to make sure you are treated fairly and with dignity.

Our attorney has written letters for us as professional references because of our fairness and compassion.

We are members in good standing with the Richmond Real Estate Investors Association and registered with the State Corporation Commission of the State of Virginia as SDP Partners LLC.

Even if your property won’t fit into our portfolio, we have a network of hundreds of investors who might be interested.

Give us a call at 804/719-1489 and see what we might be able to do for you to help you sell your Richmond house fast.