Client Testimonials

“I got a job transfer and needed to move in 10 days.  You bought my house in about 2 weeks, taking over my mortgage payments.  I couldn’t believe the renovations they did to my property — it was almost like a different house.  As promised, they kept the payments current and it was a pleasure dealing with Chris.” — JL, Goochland Virginia.

“I couldn’t believe how fast you bought my house.  Within 24 hours, they gave me a contract and it was closed in 7 days.  I got my cash and got rid of my property.” — MH, Chesterfield

“I tried to sell my vacant house in Richmond through a Realtor for 6 months with no luck, even at 60K below appraisal.  I contacted SDP Partners (parent company).  When they went to see the property, they found a homeless man living in it, broken windows, and theives had stolen the motors out of our brand new HVAC units.  Within 20 days, my house was sold.”  DB -Virginia

“I was about to loose my house to foreclosure.  You came up with a solution by reinstating our loan and taking over our payments.  I was able to get on with life and out of that ugly situation.  Right after they closed, vandals shot out the house, but Chris’s company still fixed it.  Thanks” — Clarkes Store VA