Stop my foreclosure!

This may be the question you have asked yourself many times: “How can I stop my foreclosure?  What are my options?”

Here is a list of some options for you, in no particular order. 

None of this is legal advice.

  1. Sell your house quickly, before the auction.  We can help you with this.
  2. Talk with your lender.  Some lenders are currently open to modifying your loan, by adding the late payments onto the principle.  Called recasting or restructuring.
  3. Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure — give your house back to the bank and move out.  Contact lender for details.
  4. Short Sale — where the lender will accept less than what is owed. 
  5. Reinstate your loan — pay back all the late interest and penalties and bring your loan back to current.
  6. Sale / Leaseback — An arrangement that fails over 80% of the time.  You’ll loose.  We don’t do this and it’s illegal in Virginia.

Some companies will try to work with your lender, but you have to pay them an upfront fee.  

Most consumer groups urge you not to consider such “foreclosure consultants.”  We do not provide this service.

Act now!

You cannot wait any longer.  Late Fees, back interest, penalties, and attorney fees will continue to drain your equity. 

Call us at 719-1489, or submit our sell your house fast form and we’ll contact you. 

See Article Categories to educate yourself on more steps to avoid foreclosure. If you still have unanswered questions, click here to submit a question to us.

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