FAQs about Us

Q: Which areas do you cover?
A: We cover the Richmond and Petersburg Tri-Cities area.  We do offer our services elsewhere in the state of Virginia using our professional network.

Q: How long does it take?
A: We can complete in as little as 3 weeks (subject to legal paperwork being in order). For the right price, we can close in 7 days or less.

Q: How quickly can I get the money?
A: Once the documents are recorded after closings, funds are released by your closing agent.

Q: What about attorneys or title companies?
A: You can use one you find or you can use one we recommend. If you use ours, we pay for their fee.  We use an attorney or title company — we do not do closings at your house on your kitchen table.

Q: Will anybody know about the sale?
A: No, it’s confidential. We don’t put a sold sign up, nobody (with exception of our business partners) will know about your sale.

Q: If we are being foreclosed and we have chosen to sell to you, do we need to tell the bank?
A: You don’t have to do anything. Our attorney will arrange for their loan/s to be repaid.

Q: Do I have to accept the offer straight away?
 A: No, you are under no obligation. Our offer will remain valid for 10 days.

Q: What type of property do we buy?
A: We buy all types of property and vacant land

Q: Does the property need to be in good condition?
A: No. We will consider a property in any condition.

Q: Will my Realtor mind if I sell direct to you?
A: Naturally they will not be very happy about losing their commission, but you must remember that your quick sale is more important. We always advise that you read your estate agents agreement and give the correct notice.   We do not pay Realtor fees, so any commission due would be your responsibility.