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Sell my vacant house fast

Sell your vacant house fast

In recent weeks, I’ve been dealing in vacant houses around the nation, helping a seller quickly unload their vacant houses to local investors.

We just finished one for example that closed in 4 days, and it had nearly $20,000 in surprise liens that we got negotiated way down real fast.

Vacant houses attract problems fast

If you have a vacant house, you may be attracting some unwanted problems.

Here are some vacant house problems that I’ve run into these last few weeks:

  • Unpaid real estate taxes due for more than 1 year.
  • Daily nuisance fees or code violations of $250 a day.
  • Unpaid HOA fees
  • Arson
  • Vandalism and graffiti.
  • Bullets shot into the house, or through the windows.
  • Pipes that froze over winter and busted.
  • Water leaks that ruined floors, subflooring, and the like.
  • Copper pipes Stolen from the walls.
  • Copper wiring stolen out of the walls.
  • Aluminum gutters ripped right off.
  • Outdoor compressor units for the HVAC stolen.
  • Homeless people moving in.
  • Some have been torn down by the county because they were just too neglected.

If your house is vacant and is taking too long to sell, the reality is that is an open invitation to problems, in some areas of the country.

Sell your Vacant House FAST

While we specialize in vacant houses in VA, we now have cash ready and hungry buyers in various areas of the country ready to help you sell your vacant house fast before it becomes too blighted.

Maybe it’s too far gone.  We might still be able to work a solution.

Your next step

We’ll see if we have a solution for you after our no-obligation consultation